Nigeria: Change is not a privilege, it is a right

Retired General Buhari brings hope to all Nigerians

Retired General Buhari brings hope to all Nigerians

As the Nigerian general elections approach, there are a few pertinent questions we need to ask ourselves as this forms the basis for any type of change we are clamouring for. Where did we get it wrong, how did it get this bad and what would be our fate after February 2015? The good news is that there is hope and we have the keys to unlock this hope, me and you, and every well meaning Nigerian, both home and in Diaspora.

The situation in Nigeria has deteriorated so much that we have become the laughing stock in the international community, where is the giant of Africa we know?  We have failed to distinguish ourselves like we did in the past and mediocrity have become the most celebrated virtue in our great nation. The greatest news of all is that we have been able to decipher the solution to these issues, GOOD LEADERSHIP.

Yes, Good leadership. We live in a country plagued by terrorists who have a field day and have continuously snatched innocent lives from their families, an economy that is crumbling while our leaders attempt to play around with figures and mask the realities, a nation where unemployment has become a norm amongst our youths and infrastructures have become nonexistent. The first and most important expectation from a leader is the protection of lives and property; a leader who fails to do this is not worthy of that title as this forms the basis for any form of socio-economic growth that would emanate from that region. Unfortunately, this is the case in our dear motherland. Fortunately, we have the key and we would change this, there has to be a shift in paradigm. No more business as usual!!!!

Fellow progressives, with less than 25 days to the elections, I urge us all to turn out in numbers and vote for our dynamic leader, Gen. Muhammad Buhari (GMB). A man who is tested and trusted, a man of enormous dignity and who would always place the nation’s interest above his own and overhaul the system. A man who would eliminate all forms of corruption, sycophancy and insecurity that presently exists in our dear country. This is the type of man we need to bring about the change we desire. Let us vote wisely. The future lies in our hands! The future is here.

Long live GMB! Long live APC! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


Kenneth Oguzie . BA (Hons), MA, PRINCE2 Pract.

Interim National Secretary

APC Scandinavia