Njie: Africans are targets for racial abuse in Sweden

Kebba Njie is the founder of AFRIS
Photo: Aysha Jones

Preparations are well on the way for a February 23 demonstration, expected to be attended by thousands, against violence and discrimination by police and other law enforcement agents against people of African descent living in Sweden.
The event will now be held at Kunsträdgarden, a park in central Stockholm, not Sergels Torg as has been previously announced.
Kebba Njie, head of AFRIS, one of the organizers of the demonstration, told Nordic Africa News on Sunday that  “Africans are seen as targets for discrimination and abuse and this must end.”
Njie, said “we cannot let this to continue on like this” adding that “this needs to change.”
He said there will be a multiple of speakers from several organizations with the aim to get the message to the wider public.
The effort to organize the demonstration started after a recent incident in which an eight-month pregnant African lady was forced off a train for not showing a ticket and violently pinned on a bench by security guards in a train station.
Speaking to reporters later, the lady said she was afraid that her unborn baby would die. 
This came after a January incident in which a 12 year-old African boy was wrestled down to the ground by a security guard in a mall in a Stockholm suburb, something which was described by the Red Cross as child abuse.
Numerous reports have stated that Africans living in Sweden are the primary victims of racial discrimination and abuse.