Pamoja Kenya conducts survey in Nordic countries

A survey is being conducted among Kenyans residing in the Nordic countries to determine whether they are satisfied with their embassy in the region. The embassy is located in Sweden.

According to Caroline Njuguna, a member of Pamoja Kenya Association Denmark (PKAD), the organization conducting the exercise, “the reason for conducting the survey is to find out their expectations of the embassy and satisfaction with the services offered by the embassy.”

Njuguna said “The decision was taken up during our last AGM (Annual General Meeting) in March 2018, where some of our members expressed that they felt detached with the embassy.

“Issues about Kenyans in distress were raised, and most of the members casually suggested that the Embassy could maybe help. So we thought it was important to find out if our expectations correspond with the role of the embassy. Pamoja Kenya was mandated by the members to carry out the survey.”

“Our intention is to get as many to take the survey as possible. The results will be shared in our website, social media networks, with the Kenyan Embassy as well as at our AGM that is coming soon at the end of February.”