Pastor stresses importance of praise and worship

Pastor Ola Oluayo

To praise and worship God is the mark of a Christian, says the pastor of the Sweden-based Family Worship Center.

Pastor Ola Oluayo said “this is what makes a true believer, noting that “when we praise God, we hear Him talking more to us than we talking to Him”

Pastor Oluayo told Nordic Africa News in an interview that God becomes more glorious in His ways when Christians exalt Him, noting  “In time of difficulty you have to find the time to praise Him”

But he cautioned that praise and worship should not only be done in time of sadness, adding that “it should be more than asking Him to do things for us. We should not only do so in sadness.”

He stressed that Christians must glorify God with gladness and with joyful songs.

“We don’t ask God first without praising Him. We pray, then we lay down our petitions. In everything give thanks to God,” Pastor Oluayo noted.

The pastor, whose church is located in the city of Gothenburg, added that when Christians glorify God in that manner, God, not angels, comes down and answer. “When we praise God for what he has done, he comes down with more.” 

Furthermore, the activity is very important for the church as it brings the Christian community together and make them to hear from Him as He talks directly to them, Pastor Oluayo said.

He noted that the church cannot live without praising God for it is through that that it can see the goodness of God. “The church cannot stop praising Him. All the ‘fathers’ praised God. Abraham did, Jesus did, etc.”