Pro USA is now Yes, Inc.


Thanks to a youth-led rebranding effort, Pro USA has a new name and a new youth success coaching program.

This summer Yes, Inc. (formerly Pro USA) is rolling out its new identity, along with a new youth success-coaching program. Yes, Inc.’s startup Success Plan program pairs underrepresented youth with volunteer coaches to realize each youth’s vision for life success. This innovative social entrepreneurship model engages youth to rewrite their own odds for success. Indeed, the new name is short for “Youth Engaging Success.”

The new mission: In partnership with community institutions and individual volunteers, Yes, Inc. empowers individual advancement and community impact through youth success coaching.

Why success coaching? Because coaching builds competitive advantage! This focus on guiding overall life success evolved from Pro USA’s founding mission of empowering youth through sports and education.

Anyone interested in understanding more about the changes at Yes, Inc. can visit and contact the organization at 763-202-8750.