Professor: Racism in Sweden is a political problem

Security guards have been widely condemned for forcing the heavily-pregnant woman off the train

The question of structural discrimination and racism in Sweden is a political problem that must be tackled, first and foremost, politically, says a social science professor at one of Sweden’s prestigious university.

Speaking recently to RT, Adrian Groglopo of Gothenburg University said this problem must be addressed in different ways as it is worse to have such tensions in the society.
He noted that people of migrant backgrounds, especially Afro-Swedes or the black community in Sweden, are treated very badly. 
Professor Groglopo was reacting to a recent incident in which an eight-month pregnant African woman was forced off a train and pinned on a bench by security guards after she failed to present a ticket. 
He added that this could have not happened to an upper middle class white woman, stressing that police officers and security guards engage in racial profiling and become much more aggressive to non-whites. 
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