Programs to mark end of Sweden’s role in slave trade

The Afro-Swedes’ Forum for Justice will hold a conference and a parade to mark the 172nd anniversary of the abolition of Sweden’s participation in the transatlantic slave trade.  

The last slave in Swedish ownership was released on October 9, 1847 on the island of Saint Barthelemy, then a Swedish colony. 
The Malmo-based organization will hold a remembrance conference in the city on Saturday (October 5) titled The legacy of Slave Trade – Voices of today’s Afro-Swedes. The event will be held at the Rorelsen Museum beginning at 9 am.
Speakers will address issues like the rights of children, the effects of Afrophobia and discrimination on mental health and well-being, Afrophobia on the job market, among others.
The Liberty Parade, considered Sweden’s biggest anti-racist march, is slated for Wednesday (October 9) in the same city beginning at 18:00.