Promoting Gambian music in Nordic countries

Norway-based Gambia House will launch its Nordic Artist Residency Scheme on April 19 in Oslo, the Norwegian capital. It will feature Gambian artists living in the Nordic region. 

According to info sent to Nordic Africa News, the “Artists Residency is a space for reflection, planning and a way forward to promote Gambian Music” and will continue to April 25. 
Gambian artists residing in Norway who are expected to participate in the program are Amie Marr, Gibou Ngum, Modou Nying, Singateh and Kcee with Lappa Luma, Babou Njie and Basiru Suso coming from Denmark.
Others are Sweden-based artists like Lorem, Malick Jagne, Maura Sambou, Abdoulie Mbye, Sulayman Ceesay and Babou Jagne while Rakie Njie, Badou Njie, Bintou Sarjo and Ismaila Sambou are journeying from Finland to take part in the program.
The residency scheme is also sponsored by Nordic Culture Point.