Culture Minister Lind opens Gothenburg Film Festival

Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind delivers opening remarks at Gothenburg Film Festival

On Friday, January 25, Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind opened the Gothenburg Film Festival:


My name is Amanda Lind and this is my first speech since being appointed Minister for Culture and Democracy last Monday. Thank you for the invitation – I’m very happy to be here in Gothenburg and celebrate filmmakers and the art of film.

Culture must be free and have the ability to bring about change in an open and democratic society. Politics must be a facilitator for culture throughout our country.

As Minister for Culture and Democracy, I will continue the work of my predecessor to ensure access to culture for more people everywhere in Sweden, in the country side, in small towns and in our larger cities.

I will build on the foundation laid for our film policy during the last electoral period. The financial conditions and social security for our authors, dancers, actors and other artists must be improved. At the same time, I want to work to ensure better conditions for producing films in Sweden. The tax incentives for film production, that were subject of an inquiry last year, is one interesting proposal to strengthen film in Sweden.

Also, the work that started with the #metoo-movement and #silenceaction needs to continue. There’s much more to be done in terms of gender equality. It must be a given, just like in the rest of society, that people can work in the film industry without being subjected to sexual harassment or worse. Equality creates creativity. And creativity is the foundation of a thriving culture.

Once again, it is a great honour for me to follow my predecessors’ tradition of opening the Gothenburg Film Festival. I hope you find this year’s films intriguing, inspiring and challenging.

I hereby declare the 2019 Gothenburg Film Festival open.

Thank you.