Sweden continues internal border checks

photo: euractiv.com

The Swedish Government has decided to reinstate internal border control for three months until February 11 next year.

The decision was taken in accordance with EU common legislation and is based on the government’s assessment that there is still a threat to public policy and internal security.

The assessment of the Swedish Security Service is also that the threat level from terrorism remains elevated. Deficiencies in the external border controls around the Schengen area mean that Sweden must maintain its own internal border control.

The Swedish Police Authority decides where and how to carry out this border control, which must be adapted to what is necessary to safeguard public policy and internal security.

Sweden’s actions are in line with other Schengen Member States such as Germany, Austria, Norway and Denmark. These countries have also temporarily reinstated internal border controls and have notified the other Member States and European Commission that they will continue the controls as long as a serious threat to public policy and internal security remains.

Swedish Government