Sweden: Ethiopian embassy to hold diaspora forum

The Ethiopian Embassy in Sweden will hold a diaspora forum on April 13 in Stockholm for the Ethiopian diaspora in Sweden and other Nordic countries.

Information on the embassy’s website said the forum will discuss the current political and economic situation in Ethiopia and familiarize attendees with the various programs that are designed to strengthen the ties of the Ethiopian diaspora community with their motherland and country of origin.

The establishment of an Ethiopian Diaspora Community Organization will also be a part of the agenda. 

Meanwhile, the embassy held similar discussions with Ethiopian Diaspora in Helsinki, Finland on December 5.

The discussion was the first of its kind on which individuals from different political and social backgrounds actively participated.

The embassy briefed the diaspora about the ongoing all-rounded reforms in Ethiopia and called on them to contribute their share in the process.

The embassy also expressed it’s readiness to closely work with the diaspora, their communities, professional networks and similar associations.

On the other hand, the embassy called up on the diaspora to upgrade their engagements in Ethiopia, especially in investment, image building, tourism and trade promotion, technology and knowledge transfer.

The diaspora on it’s part appreciated the ongoing reform, recommended that it should continue even further and pledged their support in this regard.

In addition, they highlighted the good governance challenge and weak service delivery they experienced during their engagement in the country. They advised that these and other bottlenecks should be avoided in order to better attract the diaspora.

Finally, both the embassy and the diaspora agreed work together closely so as to maximize their contribution. To this end, it was agreed to constitute a Diaspora  association, in the near future, in which all Ethiopians without any difference can participate.


Source: Ethiopian Embassy