Ghanaian team favorite to win Gothia Puma Trophy



Right to Dream from Ghana is back, playing for another gold medal in Gothia Puma Trophy in Sweden. And after the second day the future of the tournament looks bright, with two wins out of two for the boys from Ghana.

Right to Dream is pleasing the crowd with their quick moving and cooperative football.

The popular team is competing in the Gothia Puma Trophy, playing their group stage matches on SKF Arena. And it’s clear that the exciting and high-quality football is attracting both players of Gothia Cup and Gothenburg residents. The arena has been completely full during Right to Dream’s first two matches in the Boys 17 Elite class. 

“We’re here with our team and it’s a great experience for us to come and watch the quick movement and the good passing”, says Isabel Atkinson from New York City. 

Gothia Puma Trophy is a special professional tournament inside the Gothia Cup universe. Twelve teams from Sweden and twelve international ones compete in the most prestigious meeting of the year. 2019 marks the 11th Gothia Puma Trophy, and we will just have to wait and see which team will lift the trophy on Saturday.

Right to Dream has won the tournament more than once, and the team’s performance during the Tuesday evening game suggests that they’re back fighting for another gold medal.

Gothia Cup visitor Felix Andersson have seen the Ghana team before and is always impressed by their style of play.

“I’ve been here almost every tournament for the last ten years, and they are always very good. It’s always attracting to see them play”, he says.

Standing as close as he can to the pitch is Aron Paulick from the American team Eastchester Jaguars. He is also very impressed by the Ghanaian’s way of playing. 

“Their speed, coordination and the chemistry between the players is amazing. It’s just a very good experience for us to watch, and it’s really fun”, he says.

The atmosphere inside SKF Arena is both joyful and loud. Emmanuel Bam from Right to Dream has played Gothia Cup before and always enjoy coming to Gothenburg. 

“It’s very cool to be here and incredible how everyone comes together for a game of football. I think that’s very important for us boys who are hoping for a professional career”, he says.