Sweden: Liberian association to hold Easter event for kids

Photo: liberiansinsweden.com

The Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) will hold an Easter Fun Day for Kids on April 20.

This will be the association’s first program for the new year and will also be the first program organized by the LSA’s new administration headed by David Ford.
Info available on the LSA website notes that the event, scheduled for 12:00 -18:00 at the Kids Leisure House in Rågsved in Stockholm, the Swedish capital, “will be a fun day for kids from all backgrounds.” 
Activities for the day will include egg hunts, various games for kids, face painting, etc. 
Meanwhile, it was agreed during a general meeting on Saturday that LSA members make financial donations to enable the Children Committee successfully stage the event.
LSA President Ford added in a WhatsApp appeal that “your contributions are needed for the sake of our kids”