Sweden: sLim Prince releases new song

sLim Prince’s latest single ‘Min Boboh’ is out

Nigerian/Swedish singer sLim Prince over the weekend released his second solo single “Min Boboh”.
Released by the record company Same Plate Music (Captain Röds), the song is the fourth release of the company in a short time.
“Min Boboh” comes as second single after debut single “Top tonight.” Artist sLim Prince, who is also a songwriter and producer, made his solo debut last year with “Top Tonight” and now will thus sequel “Min Boboh”, a real sommar hit with a nice beat and a lot of love. Afropé, a publication in Sweden, recently held a short interview with the singer: 
sLim Prince Hi! Congratulations for the latest solo release “Min Boboh”, as he is your second solo single after “Top Tonight” which was released last year. How does it feel?
It feels very good, glad it’s finally out there so that people can start enjoying it.

Where does the inspiration for “Min Boboh” come from?
“Min Boboh” is inspired by all the nice girls around me. I have noticed that I have many female followers and I love them all and it just felt natural to sing about them.

The song really feels like a real summer hit. Perfect, now that spring and summer are on the way. Will we see you running live sometime soon?
Thank you very much, glad you like it! Oh yeah, I have some gigs around the country. We will post all gigdatum on my official pages.

How is it that you started making music in the first place?
I was always the one who went around and sang among all the friends, in church, in school, then everywhere when I was a kid in Lagos, Nigeria. I moved to Sweden when I was 16 years old and hung a lot of recreation centers, especially on Aktivitetshuset at Vasagatan in Goteborg. That was when I began to write his own, and then I got the chance to test record and from there was born Slim Prince.
What are your musical heroes?
2face Idibia, Wyclef, Akon, Majek Fashek and Bob Marley.
What are your musical plans for the rest of the year?
We have decided to release at least a single to before June and then releasing my debut album before the end of the summer. The album will be called “First Born”.
Source: Afropé