Sweden tackles most serious effects of no-deal Brexit

In a memorandum, proposals are presented that aim to counter the most serious consequences of a no-deal Brexit for United Kingdom nationals currently living and working in Sweden.

The proposals will only become relevant should the UK leave the European Union without an agreement on transition regulations being in place.

The proposals in the memorandum mean that UK nationals and their family members who lose their right to live and work in Sweden as a consequence of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU will be exempt from the requirements on residence and work permits.

The exemption will be introduced in a time-limited ordinance and apply during a transition period of one year. The proposal means that UK nationals and their family members may stay in Sweden during the transition period under similar conditions to today, giving them the possibility of adjusting to the new situation.

Proposed legislative amendments are also presented that aim to make it easier for UK nationals and their family members to apply for residence and work permits in Sweden. It is proposed that the Government issues regulations that make it possible for the group in question to be granted residence and work permits, even if they are already in Sweden.

Also proposed is an adjustment of the provisions on the status of third-country nationals who are long-term residents, making it clear that UK nationals may include the time they have been legally residing in Sweden with a right of residence in an application for long-term residence status.

It is proposed that the time-limited ordinance enter into force on 30 March 2019 and the legislative amendments on 1 July 2019.

Swedish Government

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