UK: Liberian union elects officers at annual meeting

ULO-UK delegates deliberate during the meeting

The Union of Liberian Organisations in the United Kingdom (ULO-UK) hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 25 in Northampton at which it held election for officers of the AGM and the management committee for the next two years.
In keeping with the union’s constitution, the meeting was convened to allow the leadership to report on the state of the union and for the election. Anthony Tweh was elected chairperson of the AGM along with Akoi Bazzie and Joe Hena as vice chairperson and secretary respectively, said a release issued by the union.

For the management committee, no eligible member registed to contest any of the posts, so an amendment to Article IV Section II A of the union’s constitution to allow the current executives of the management committee to continue in their roles for the next two years was tabled and accepted by the body by a vote of eight to zero (four delegates abstained). Each of the 12 delegates represented one of the ULO-UK member organisations.

The committee is headed by Evelyn Duke-DeShield as president while Lena Thomas -Marshall serves as veep with Fidel CT Budy and Albert Cheapoo in the positions of secretary general and treasurer respectively. Obe Quoi is a member.

Two new persons were elected non-executive members of the committee. They are Oretha Collins and Vister Vaugh.

Due to the long list of items for discussion, the AGM agreed to table some of the other items for discussion at a meeting to be scheduled in the next three months.


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