ULOUK leads partnership to promote Liberia

From left, Sarah Gusten-Marr, ULOUK President Mo Sonnie and Ambassador Gurly T. Gibson

The Union of Liberian Organisations in the United Kingdom (ULOUK) on Thursday led a partnership meeting at the Liberian Embassy in London. 

Deemed a success and the beginning of a promising partnership, the meeting brought together Liberia’s ambassador to the UK Gurly T. Gibson, ULOUK President Mo Sonnie and Sarah Güsten-Marr, a philanthropist and owner of Gallery GM. 

They discussed empowerment of young people in Liberia and in the UK, projects to promote the vast opportunities in Liberia, including eco-tourism and the holding of a Visit Liberia Day (UK), as well as Liberia Arts & Cultural Day (UK).

Mr Sonnie said “working in partnership with the Embassy and Madame Sarah Güsten-Marr on these projects presents a good opportunity for the community in the UK to showcase Liberia and the talents of Liberians across the globe.” 

He added that “one of his leadership code values is partnership and fostering of the nation’s (Liberia) arts, culture, tradition in the UK and afar. We are especially excited about a project that will not only challenge our young people back home (Liberia) but give them the opportunity to shared their knowledge in a UK.”

Accordingly, the Visit Liberia Day is to take place in August at Dykelands Farm, York, the headquarters of Gallery GM while the Art & Cultural Day is tentatively scheduled for September in London.

Planning and preparations for all  projects will start immediately and the timelines will be released soon.