UNESCO: Five Liberians get Chinese scholarships


Five Liberian graduate students have been awarded academic scholarships by UNESCO to study in China under the UNESCO and the People’s Republic of China Fellowship Scheme.

The five students Blama Fully, Anna Siakor-Mbaku, Oliver Tokpah, Joseph Tukon and Jonah Woliwu Varmuwu will pursue their studies at the East China Normal University in the field of educational management from February 2016 to January 2017.

UNESCO has adopted a proactive policy toward the encouragement of partnerships with governments, institutions of higher education and foundations, so as to increase training opportunities to other member states. This scheme is known as the “UNESCO Co-Sponsored Fellowships Scheme”.

Under this scheme, member states, foundations, institutions and private donors may offer fellowships or finance fellowships (cash contributions, or either through cost-sharing arrangements and through total funding) in fields within UNESCO’s competence.

Currently, Liberia is benefiting from the Chinese-UNESCO Fund for Education which aims to accelerate progress toward the attainment of quality education for all and the educated-related millennium development goals (MDGs), by enhancing the capacity of teacher educational system to train adequate numbers of qualified teachers in beneficiary countries.
Under the project, the beneficiary countries will enhance the capacity of their teacher-training institutions by improving existing pre-service programs and schemes, particularly through information and communication technology (ICT) supported distance training program, strengthening teacher continued in-service professional development, particularly through blended learning modalities and programs scaling-up successful (ITC) supported innovations.

UNESCO’s assistant director general for education, Dr. Qian Tang said the agreement  entails enhancing the capacity of teacher-trainers with ICT competences to improve the quality of teaching and learning, and also supporting networks of teacher education and training institutions for promoting knowledge-sharing on effective strategies and teaching practices.

Isaac C. Yeah