US-based Bong Miners to send COVID-19 aid to Liberia

ABM National Chairman Benedict Philips

When the roll call begins in Liberia to identify individuals and groups that are giving back to their communities, especially in times of need, the name – Association of Bong Miners (ABM) based in the United States, will be heard.

ABM is expected to distribute rice, buckets, masks, and disinfectants products, such as Clorox, for over 2000 households of the Bong Mines community, says Emmanuel Chelleh, chairman of the COVID -19 Relief Fund Drive.

The Bong Mines Hospital, nearby towns and villages, including Handi and Popota, will also benefit from the relief supplies.

Also expected to benefit are members of the ABM-Liberian chapter residing in Monrovia, the Liberian capital.

As Chelleh explains, ABM members in the US and other parts of the world raised the money to undertake the COVID – 19 relief drive.

ABM members were able to collect about USD $44,000 to make the COVID-19 food project a resounding success, Chelleh added.

ABM National President Benedict Philips expressed satisfaction and lauded his members’ immense financial contributions toward the initiative.

He added that the generosity of the members is not a surprise because giving back to Bong Mines is something ABM wholeheartedly loves to pursue.

Emmanuel Chelleh heads the association’s COVID-19 Relief Fund Drive

“I am extremely gratified that ABM is in the position to assist its people at this time of global health crisis, ” Philips said.

Philips also disclosed that while it is true that residents of Bong Mines are the direct beneficiaries of ABM COVID-19 food drive, the Liberian economy also stands to benefit.

He explained that “no items leaving from the United States for Bong Mines, ” adding that the money collected will be used in Liberia to purchase the rice, buckets, masks, and other items earmarked for the exercise.

“Buying the items in Liberia is ABM way of infusing cash into the Liberian economy. So, our organization is not just helping its people in Bong Mines but also helping to stimulate the Liberian economy during this Coronavirus pandemic,” Philips said.

Since its revitalization three years ago, ABM, which is made up of Liberians with ties to the mining town, prioritizes giving back to the community.

Last July, ABM donated a 40-foot container of medical supplies to the Bong Mines Medical Center.

Before that, the organization sent to Bong Mines residents several relief items worth thousands of US dollars.

Charles Crawford, Public Relations Consultant ABM