Liberia: EMOL launches aspirants’ debate forum

Jarwinken Weah is head of EMOL

The Emancipation Movement of Liberia, Inc. (EMOL) said it is launching it Aspirant’s Forum (AF) to serve as a platform for candidates to debate.

 The forum will allow candidates, particularly those vying for the presidency to point out what wrong with Liberia and why. How individual candidate intends to fix the why and how the Liberian people are going to internalize the fixes with a given timeline.

EMOL is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit and non-partisan advocacy and peace building organization, legalized in the United States and Liberia. EMOL is accredited by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to conduct civic and voter’s education.

EMOL, a member of the Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) is also accredited by the Ministry of Finance for placement into the national NGO’s directory.

The forum is part of EMOL’s civic and voter’s education process.    

The forum will also provide opportunities for candidates to engage with voters face to face while it will allow voters to ask candidates direct questions.

Among other things, the forum will require candidates to explain decentralization of resources, creation of equal access to learning and other empowerment opportunities irrespective of one’s ethnicity, religion or traditional belief, disability, sex, region of origin, and ascribed status.

Specific policies on legacy-driven leadership that will require elected and appointed officials to focus on demonstrating honorable characters as “servant of the public” in line with article one of the Liberian Constitution rather than demanding honorable titles.

Specific policies on legacy-driven leadership that will require elected and appointed officials to focus on making the three branches of government to strive for strive for excellence and reliable delivery of services in line with their mandates on the books rather than “Excellency” titles.

Candidates will be required to address rule of law and separation of power, healthcare, education, such as public library, food production

EMOL is therefore appealing for financial and other resource support as well as partnership from donor community and other institutions including foreign missions accredited near the capital, particularly the United States Embassy in taking on this task.




Jarwinken Wiah

Executive Director