Vote Buhari for a better Nigeria

Retired General Buhari will fulfill the dreams of Nigerians

Retired General Buhari will fulfill the dreams of Nigerians

Nigerians at home and abroad have heard time and time again from President Ebele Goodluck Jonathan that the main reason to vote him again for President of Nigeria is to ensure the continuity of his programs.

President Jonathan even accused Nigerians in the diaspora for unfair criticisms of his admininstration.

We in the All Progressives Congress APC) Scandinavia, like every other Nigerians in the diaspora, dream that through real and authentic leadership, Nigeria will be a better replicate of contemporary Scandinavian countries.

However, President Jonathan’s programs have nothing to offer but lies and empty promises. President Jonathan offers special programs on engaging and condoning corruption, terrorism, pure impunity, unsound economic policies with visionless leadership.

Another four years is too long for the future of Nigeria and Africa, to be entrusted to a clueless President Jonathan who could not inspire hope and channel a new direction of growth and development. A President who can not protect and promote the welfare of his subjects but could only blame whoever offers constructive criticism and opposition to his non performance.

Nigerians deserve a leader, a president who will protect and promote their welfare;  a president who will fight corruption to a standstill, provide quality education, trusted  and affordable health care system, clean energy and supply, functional and reliable integrated transport networks, strategic economic development and growth; a president who will keep us united as one Nigeria irrespective of faith, tribe and political affiliation; a president who will make us more proud again as an awesome Nigerians anywhere on this planet.


At this dark moment in time for our nation, the only man who is already tested and trusted with consistency of will and purpose to lead us on this journey to the Nigeria of our dream, the new Nigeria is Gen. Muhammad Buhari (rtd). 

We call on all Nigerians living in Scandinavia countries and in diaspora in general, to pull together in one voice, persuade, influence and enlighten our families, families and loved ones back home in Nigeria to vote out President Jonathan by voting for the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidates, Muhammad Buhari/Prof. Oshinbajo as president and vice president come 14th February.

All Nigerians who believe in #NewNigeria# with PVC should cast and protect their votes and let us ensure a violent-free election.

The time for new Nigeria is now. Vote wisely by voting APC, Muhammad Buhari for President.



Ayoola Lawal

Coordinator, APC Scandinavia