We do not support Vice President Boakai

Vice President Boakai is part of a government that marginalizes us, says AKAA Photo: theliberianjournal.com

Vice President Boakai is part of a government that marginalizes us, says AKAA
Photo: theliberianjournal.com

On the 18th of July 2016, a supposed delegation of the Global Grand Gedeans headed by Mr Amos Zleh gave a statement of support to Dr Joseph N Boakai for his presidential bid in the up-coming 2017 elections in Liberia. Mr Zleh, who is based in the United Kingdom and pose as chairman of the delegation, did not represent the views of the all Krahn across the globe especially those of us in Australia.

Mr Zleh is only the chairman of the Grand Gedeans in the UK but not for any global body/organisation. Mr Zleh’s statement of support to Dr Boakai has prompted the entire Krahn Speaking community of Australia to vehemently deny his action.

We the All Krahn Association of Australia (AKAA) representing every Grand Gedean especially Krahn in Australia in no way support the idea of any kind of Mr Amos Zleh, neither does he represent the views and interest of the Krahn people of Australia.

Mr Zleh’s action has created lots of controversy among our people and we therefore do not support his unilateral statement of support. AKAA that represents the voice and interest of all the Krahn in Australia is not a member of Zleh’s organisation that he represents.

We found Amos Zleh endorsement as selfish and a gravy seeking interest. It is about time that we seek justice for our brothers who have been imprisoned for years without a proper trial. How can we support a government that exhibit vengeance on our people?

AKAA has no political ambition in Liberia but the present government’s policy of which Dr Boakai is a vice president has not done enough to unify our people of Liberia. The Krahn people are being marginalised and the prima facie evidence showed that Krahn people have been incarcerated for years without proper trial. Grand Gedeh and other geographical locations of Liberia occupied by the Krahn are the least in all forms of development.

There is no one geographical sector that is more Liberian than the other. We call on the government of Liberia to neglect the policy of hatred for one group of people. Liberia belongs to us all.

Eric Roberts, Secretary General