Weah to Liberian diaspora: come home and invest

President George Weah is encouraging Liberians to return home to help the economy grow

Liberian President George Weah is calling on Liberians in the diaspora to return home and invest in their country.

He said by coming home and doing business, they will help the economy of the country to grow.
In a recent interview with veteran Kenyan journalist and Talkshow host Jeff Koinange, President Weah said that in the early days of his presidency he met with diaspora Liberians and challenged them to return home to invest but he is still waiting for them.
He noted that there are a number of sectors that they can invest it, adding that the government wants to promote investment in agriculture, tourism, energy, among others to create jobs and grow an economy that is currently experiencing hardships.
President Weah said he called on Liberians abroad to come home and, for example, open factories but nobody has come forward.
The president noted that he supports dual nationality for diaspora Liberians to return home and still have the same rights.
He added that the arms of the government are open to Liberians living abroad. “we need their expertise,” adding that sometimes there is a need to make sacrifices.
3 Responses to “Weah to Liberian diaspora: come home and invest”
  1. Myrtle Williams says:

    We want to follow our leader but the examples being set by the leader(s)
    Aren’t exemplary!!
    Let someone tell me one good investment the Government
    (GOL) has done!!
    Tariffs are high, electricity virtually non-existent, no clean or safe water, telecommunication
    ZERO….education standards low….workforce il-prepared… healthcare
    below standards….
    Too much bribery & monetary demand before GOL workers do the jobs they are paid to do. The judicial system
    OMG….you don’t even want to deal with them.
    GOL officials require upfront payments before signatures are obtains!!!!
    Liberians in the Diaspora want to come home, but are faced with a HOSTILE environment.
    There’s Much to be desired! We just pray for better days for our country!!!

  2. Cucu Wesseh says:

    The President and his Government (Legislative -Executive -Judiaciary) must commit to the cause of advocacy for Dual Citizenship for Liberians (both natural born and those of in Liberian parentage) in the Diaspora. Such move will definitely propel investment by Liberians living abroad…

  3. James F. says:

    Very interesting!!!

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