Call to probe Senator Coleman is laughable

Senator Coleman has vowed not to submit to a CDC probe

Senator Coleman has vowed not to submit to a CDC probe

The call by Senator George M. Weah, the political leader of Liberian opposition party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), for the party’s Grievance and Ethics Committee to probe Grand Kru County Senator Dr. Peter S. Coleman for “conflict of interest” as it relates to “professional services” rendered by Dr. Coleman at the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Medical Center is laughable.

Does the CDC have a Grievance and Ethics Committee? If so, where have they been all these years with so many ethical transgressions being committed by the leadership of the party and other executive members of the party, including its political leader?

Senator Coleman is constrained to clarify that he is not one of those legislators that needed the popularity of Mr. Weah to be elected.

“I was elected clearly based on the merits of my work and care for the good people of Grand Kru County,” he said.

Since 2013, Senator Coleman and the CDC have had a very strained relationship when he refused to provide support to the CDC in Montserrado County based on the fact that he had to support the CDC in his own county (Grand Kru).

According to Dr. Coleman, Montserrado had the majority of the legislators and they should take care of their county.

He being the only CDC legislator from Grand Kru had an enormous responsibility to handle the affairs of the CDC in Grand Kru.

This did not go down well with the leadership of the CDC. Since then, Senator Coleman has dissociated himself from the CDC and perhaps this is the reason CDC Political Leader Senator Weah feels that he can now attack Senator Coleman.

It is very unfortunate that the party did not comprehend the elaborate explanation provided by the Senator in his press release that made references to the code of conduct that vindicated him. The professional services rendered the JFK and the A. M. Dogliotti School of Medicine, University of Liberia, by Senator Coleman, a well-learned surgeon was and remains vital in the public interest.

Well, let the CDC know that Senator Coleman will not avail himself to be a part of any probe by its so-called Grievance and Ethics Committee.

Dr. Coleman said he should have resigned from the CDC more than two years ago but has always thought that the CDC will get better and that perhaps the appropriate time has now arrived to severe whatsoever umbilical cord existing between the CDC and Senator Coleman.

He then wished the Congress for Democratic Change well and called for mutual respect for professionals within the party.

Jenkins Dah-Nunmah Pelenah
Chief of Office Staff
Senator Dr. Peter S. Coleman
Liberian Senate