Why invest in Africa?

Aneke says Africa offers a higher rate of return on foreign direct investment

Aneke says Africa offers a higher rate of return on foreign direct investment

Africanstates provides information on the investment opportunities in all 54 countries in Africa. It also provides advice on where an investor can procure assistance to invest in every country in Africa. Africa has risen. Carpe diem. Seize the day.

The information contained in Africanstates is intended for the use by investors who may largely be unfamiliar with the countries covered. They are designed to proffer overviews of the investment potential and locations for investment in each country.

Africa from the beginning of the 21st century has seen a period of sustained economic growth, in part supported by high commodity prices, increased foreign investment and much improved economic and political governance.
Africanstates is specifically designed to offer all the countries in Africa a clear and equal platform to investors.

It offers investors access to every country without rivalry, competition or negativism.

It is a magnet for investors and investment to Africa.

From a purely investment returns perspective, Africa offers a higher rate of return on foreign direct investment than most emerging economies according to the IMF in 2012. Africa averaged returns of 13% just behind Asia on 13.7% and well ahead of other emerging markets on 11%.

Africa’s population, which currently comprises one (1) billion people in 2014, is projected to rise to two billion by 2040. More than 200 million Africans, over 20% are aged between 15 and 24 and that demographic dividend is projected to grow to 321 million by 2030.

The diversification of the economies of African countries will be supported by the emerging middle – class.  The growth in the middle class segment of the population will lead to increased consumption of consumer goods and services. Africa is a haven for investors and investment.

In essence, rising consumer demand aligned with a growth of around 8% is likely to add USD 1.1 trillion to Africa GDP by 2019.

Invest in Africa:  The origin of the species. Carpe Diem. Seize the day.


Lloyd Aneke is Founder/Ceo of Africanstates and head/senior partner of Goldstock Chambers


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