Iceland: More Than A Thousand Hired For Life

The Icelandic State currently employs, 21,102 people and 1,186 have a secured job for life with the State. Most of them, 181, hold tenure at the University of Iceland and 108 are employees of the Reykjavík Police. Before July 1 1996, everyone hired by State had thereby secured employment for life, but following the implementation […]

Snowden Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Edward Snowden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by two Norwegian lawmakers, who say the NSA whistleblower contributed to “transparency and global stability” by revealing the depth and sophistication of the global surveillance apparatus. Snorre Valen and Baard Vegar Solhjell, parliamentarians from Norway’s Socialist Left Party, announced the nomination on Facebook on Wednesday. […]

Counterfeit Drugs: a headache for Liberia

    Liberia’s Ministry of Health is launching a major crackdown on counterfeit drug sellers throughout the country, but Liberians say they have no choice but to buy such drugs, given their low cost and availability even in rural areas. In late 2013, the health ministry and the Pharmaceutical Board of Liberia intensified a campaign […]