Abuses Lead to calls for accountability in South Sudan

The UN warned this month that acts committed by both sides in the South Sudan crisis could amount to crimes against humanity, and urged parties engaged in peace talks to establish mechanisms to ensure accountability for the violence. “What I saw was a horror,” said Ivan Šimonovic, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, at a […]

How welcome are Africans in the UK?

The Oboh family believes there are many opportunities in the UK Nigerian nurse who has built a successful career in the UK, 57-year-old Sophie Oboh, has mixed views about the tighter immigration laws that the government is implementing. Ms Oboh says she understands the reason for the crackdown but she is also concerned that it […]

Liberia, the emerging middleclass and tiny bits of tensions

He looks very frustrated behind the steering wheel of his SUV. He is making his way over the sandy road; crisscrossing between the people walking from the beach. There are many close escapes as his car skids in great speed and nearly out of control. Indeed when he reaches the junction he has angered enough […]