Canada-based humanitarian gives to Liberians

By Draper C. Tolborh Sr.

It is often said gave a man his flowers when he’s alive. Krish Roopnarine is one of the individuals that flowers should be given continuously for the ineradicable marks he continues to leave on the faces of children of Africa and other parts of the world.

Mr. Roopnarine has donated funds, wheelchairs, enlightening materials, over 5000 walkers and more to the West Indies and some countries in Africa.

Beneficiaries are located in St. Vincent, Antigua, Grenada, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Dominica and Guatemala.

Other are Mali, Miami (USA), Jamaica, St. Kitts Nevis, Honduras, Cambodia, Ecuador Suriname, Jamaica, St. Kitts Nevis, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Armenia, Pakistan (funds for the poor), St. Lucia, Cambodia, Philippines, Gambia and Liberia.

Sometime in 2021, the Federation of Liberians in Canada (FLAC) donated medical supplies, provided by Mr. Roopnarine, to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Liberia through the instrumentality of Mr. Krish Roopnarine.

Last December Humanitarian Roopnarine, through a Liberian partner Draper C. Tolborh Sr., donated toys, food stuff and educational materials to some kids in Montserrado and Grand Bassa Counties.

Making the donations on behalf of Mr. Roopnarine, Mr. Tolborh, a journalist, said ‘’on behalf of my friend Krish, these toys and food stuff are meant for you to celebrate this festive season and it is his way of identifying with you’’.

In response, some of the beneficiaries thanked Mr. Roopnarine for his timely gesture and pray that the almighty God will continue to bless him.

Mr. Roopnarine commenced his humanitarian work since 2013 and he is concerned about underprivileged people around the world.

Mr. Roopnarine, a native from Chase Village in Trinidad and Tobago, migrated to Canada in 2010.

He works full time job as a shipper/receiver and continues to stress that he is elated in helping those that are desperately in need.

He has a family of three, his wife Dhamatie and sons Demitri and Yuri continue to buttress his effort as it relates to his aspiration in helping others.