Liberian war crimes suspect remains in custody

Kosiah has been in detention since November

Kosiah has been in detention since November

There are reliable reports that Switzerland’s attorney general has extended, until September, the detention of Alieu Kosiah, a Liberian held on war crimes, because criminal proceedings against him are still continuing.

Nathalie Guth of the attorney general’s office however told Nordic Africa News in a recent email that “We can confirm, at this stage, that the criminal proceedings are still ongoing with the accused in preventive detention.”

This is the  second time that Kosiah’s custody has been extended. The first was in February. He was arrested in November last year after seven Liberians made a criminal complaint against him, alleging that he committed war crimes when he served as a commander for a  Liberian warring faction during the country’s civil war.

The complainants, some of whom are represented by Alain Werner, a Swiss lawyer and  director of Cavitas Maxima, said Kosiah carried out the crimes between 1993 and 1995 in Lofa County in northern Liberia.


4 Responses to “Liberian war crimes suspect remains in custody”
  1. what’s about the one that is in power now?

  2. Phillip WW Moore says:

    This fellow is a wicked criminal and should rot in jail. All the allegations against him are 95 percent close to reality . He was the commander of Alhaji Kromah criminal cartel called ULIMO that was bend on extinction of a target tribal group that provided accommodation for he and his kinsmen for more the 50 years of their migration to that part of Liberia from neighboring Guinea.

    I can also testify his indiscriminate slaughtering of his perceived enemies during the early 1993 – 1995 in Lofa. The black Monday in Voinjama city, the killing of more than 150 youth groups for having been member of a particular tribal groups and other disgruntled militias of the Khran ethnic group through his female commander commonly know as Black Diamond currently in the US seeking political asylum. More to come on this villain and his wicked deeds during his war days as ULIMO General.

  3. Isumel Kromah says:

    Compatriot Philip, in response to your comment on Alieu kosiah issue.

    Philip I just want you know that you Philip, your father and your entire family, your mother, your sisters, your brothers, your uncles, your aunties, your whatsoever are more criminal than him( kosiah ), period. Sign and approved by Isumel Kromah.

  4. Koilor Kimba says:

    I believe sadly almost every household in Liberia was either a victim or culprit in the savage killing of innocent people in Liberia. Even my uncle was brutally beaten to death by fighters in Lofa. My hope is that we all try to forgive them, though it is painful. As a matter of fact, the big ones that recruited these boys are saved in Liberia holding top positions that protect them. Unfortunately we need to forgive and forget those that carried out the carnage in Liberia and to pray for leadership that will have all Liberians and those that are not yet born in mind. Liberia is the first African Republic. We need to reconcile and move on to build a modern Liberia that cannot be compared to any other African nations. Let us start thinking about the many families that cannot even afford a full meal everyday. Many rely on poor and rich families abroad to survive. Prostitution is on the rise coupled with poor education and health systems.

    May God forgive us and help us because imprisonment, revenge and tribal discrimination will push Liberia further down the drain.

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