Resolution of EFLA Conference in Holland

EFLA members who attended the conference in Holland

EFLA members who attended the conference in Holland

RESOLUTION ADOPTED AT THE EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF LIBERIAN ASSOCIATIONS (EFLA) FACE to FACE CONFERENCE IN UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS on 29TH NOVEMBER 2014  WHEREAS, Liberians residing in Europe representing various Liberian organizations as well as Friends of Liberia participated in the European Federation of Liberian Associations (EFLA) Face to Face Meeting held in Utrecht, The Netherlands on November 29th 2014 to review their constitution, the organization past, present and future; Whereas, the conference received with great appreciation the presence of an Mr Fred Jones from the United States of America;  Whereas, the conference received greetings from its members and noted with gratitude and appreciation to the Officials and members of the Concerned Liberian for underwriting the costs and hosting the meeting of EFLA;

WHEREAS, numerous issues relating to our wellbeing in Europe as well as our Constitution Review, Ebola Crisis, development have been noted, and they include the following: Constitution Review and Amendment; EFLA – The Way Forward; EFLA Finances and the way forward; EFLA Elections
Ebola Conferences – USA and London
July 26, 2015 Celebrations
Due Payment and Finances
EFLA History

Advocacy; THEREFORE, the Conference resolves the following: An amendment of EFLA Constitution on 29th November 2014 in Utrecht, The Netherlands at a Special Conference of the EFLA. The following Articles were amended and added:
* Article I Section II (Headquarters)
* Article I Section III (Aims & Objectives)
* Article II Section II (Members)
* Article III Mandate & Election of Officers
* Article IV Section I (Executive Council)
* Article IV Section II (National Conference)
* Article IV Section IV (Tasks)
* Article VII (Elections and Guidelines)

ELECTIONS: The Conference agreed that Elections of Officials of EFLA be conducted in the Spring of 2015 and subsequent inauguration of officials elected will be held during the July 26th , 2015 celebrations at a venue to be determined. An Ad-hoc Elections Commission will be set up by the Executive Leadership Council to conduct a free and fair election;

APPOINTMENTS: The Conference approved the following appointments to fill in vacant positions in EFLA until Elections are held:
1. Mr. Roland King  France …………………….. Vice President
2. Mr. Francis Mensah Sweden …………………… Secretary General
3. Ms Vivian Kholobalee Netherlands ………………. Financial Secretary

FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS: FULL Membership association or organization shall pay to the Federation fifty Euros (€ 50.00) annually as membership dues.  Members of the Executive Council shall pay five Euros (€ 5.00) monthly.  Affiliate members will be mandated to contribute to Federation as requested by the Executive Council.

COMMITTEES: The following committees will be restructured by the president and officials pending the approval of the Leadership Council:
* National and International Affairs Committee
* Mediation Committee
* Communications Committee
* Ways, Means & Finance Committee
* Membership and Welfare Committee
* Constitution Review Committee
The committees will submit a plan of action for approval to commence work immediately.

JULY 26th, 2015 CELEBRATIONS: The conference agreed that countries wishing to host the July 26 celebrations should put such request in writing. Norway, England, Germany and the Netherlands have expressed interests in hosting the event.

ADVOCACY: The conference reaffirmed EFLA commitment to advocacy role in Liberia and will continue to comment on various situations unfolding in Liberia and the Diaspora of interest.

EFLA LIBERIA / USA: The conference endorsed the establishment of an office to represent EFLA in the USA with Mr. James Rogers as our Special Representative. Also, The Office of Special Representative in Liberia will continue to function under Ms Roberta Roberts.

EFLA HISTORY: It was agreed that early leaders and officials of EFLA will be contacted give an account of where the organization began and some of the successes and challenges it has faced for future documentation and reference.

EBOLA FIGHT: Liberian communities across Europe were applauded by the conference for the tremendous efforts in the fight against Ebola through their financial contributions, donation of medical and relief supplies as well as series of fundraising events and awareness marches throughout European cities creating awareness about the situation in Liberia prompting intervention by citizens and governments in Europe.

EBOLA CONFERENCES –USA & LONDON: The conference approved EFLA partnership and attendance in the two conferences on Ebola held in Washington DC, USA and London on December 5th 2014 respectively. Mr. Ebenezer Akoi of Norway represented EFLA at the Washington DC Conference. The aim of both conferences was to network and find ways in which the Diaspora can compliment international efforts to defeat Ebola.

OTHER MATTERS: The conference noted that more needed to be done to bring about unity and cohesion within the Federation and EFLA should play more leadership role in resolving problems within member organizations as well as reaching out further to attract more membership.

In so doing, a brief meeting was held with members of Concerned Liberians, Liberians in Holland and Mr. Nicholas Doe, a senior member of the community to find means of uniting all Liberians in Holland. We agreed that Concerned Liberians will take the lead to call a meeting of the entire community and keep everyone informed as to the outcome of the deliberations and not a select few.

Done this 29th Day of November 2014 in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands and unanimously approved at the conference by a vote taken.

Signed: Francis Mensah on behalf of EFLA Secertariat     

Approved: John Nimly Brownell, President, EFLA

1. John Nimly Brownell    United Kingdom
2. Barry Karmoh     Sweden
3. George Freeman    Sweden
4. Tarcheonlyn Draper    United Kingdom
5. Daniel Tarcheon Draper   United Kingdom
6. Sumo Jackson     Belgium
7. Fred Jones     United States of America / Belgium
8. Elbert B. Taylor     Netherlands
9. Sidiki Kosiah     Netherlands
10. Solomon Brown    Netherlands
11. Emmanuel Williams    Norway
12. Aloysius Dweh     Norway
13. Sophie Teta Hodge    Norway
14. J. L. Addy     Netherlands
15. Nicholas H. Doe    Netherlands
16. Jonathan Adama Momolu   Netherlands
17. Vivian Kholobalee    Netherlands
18. Kemah Singer     Netherlands
19. Kebbeh Jallah     Netherlands
20. Mackie Wolfgang
21. Peter Siakeh

1. Lydia Weah     Norway
2. George Collins     Germany
3. Tom Zulu     United Kingdom
4. Isaac Witherspoon    Finland