Raising funds to help fight coronavirus in Liberia

United Kingdom-based Akoi Massayan Bazzie-Give Hope Humanitarian Foundation (AMB-G2HF) is leading the Union of Liberian Organisations in the United Kingdom (ULOUK) fundraising appeal to support some of the most vulnerable people in COVID-19 (coronavirus) lockdown across Liberia. The foundation joins with individual Liberians, Liberian community organisations and friends of Liberia to forge coordinated, strategic humanitarian […]

Electronic sales rekindle African businesses

Imagine using one second to sell three thousand (3000) bags of a coffee produce which lay fallow hitherto in storehouses in Rwanda for months due to freighting stand-stills caused by the COVID-19 global lockdown. This is what happened on Thursday 14 during a livestream coordinated by the Alibaba Business Group to position small-scale world brands on the Electronic […]

Book review: a scholar, activist and adventurer

By Nvasekie N. Konneh To write a memoir is a brave act. It simply means to bare your soul to the world. To lay it all out there about you, your family and friends, some of your inner most secrets. If you decide to write a memoir, you will be confronted with question as which part […]

Sweden extends global travel ban

In light of the continued uncertainty regarding international travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Sweden has extended the advice against non-essential travel to all countries that was decided on March 14 until July 15. For countries or areas to which the MFA had advised against travel before March […]

Fear not Covid-19 but God

By Alexander Redd When we see people stream to supermarkets and other stores to stock up on anything they can find, we are reminded of two things: brevity of life and brewing fear and anxiety. In hindsight, many thought of COVID-19 outbreak would be only a Chinese problem. As death toll globally grew, a palpable […]

When will Liberia go from transition

By: Jarwinken Wiah Free and fair elections are the foundation of all forms of democracy. In representative democracies, elections are the tools that citizens must use to practically hold political parties, candidates and incumbent governments accountable for their promises and performance. Even though there are legal or constitutional grounds for monitoring or requiring politicians to […]

Sweden reduces virus impact on employees, businesses

Several of the economic measures presented by the Swedish Government, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus outbreak will be reinforced, including reimbursement for the first day of sickness and central government responsibility for businesses’ sick pay costs. In addition, the ceiling for unemployment benefits will be raised […]

ALJA condemns Liberian official’s media threat

The US-based Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) has termed as incendiary the recent threat by Liberia’s Solicitor General Syrenius Cephas that he would arbitrarily shutdown and confiscate the equipment of any media institution that would engage in the propagation of what the Liberian government calls “fake news”. ALJA says Cllr. Cephas’ ill-conceived […]

Sweden: Measures to tackle coronavirus vulnerability

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the spread of the COVID-19 disease have resulted in a global crisis affecting human life and health. At the same time, the socio-economic consequences and financial impacts on many families are contributing to increased stress and anxiety. Crisis and disaster research shows that the crisis is affecting the […]

Coronavirus pandemic will increase African debt

Already in deep economic trouble, some African countries may end up in debt crises after the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the prospects of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are now even more at risk, according to Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) researcher Jörgen Levin. As the Covid-19 pandemic sweeps the world, decreased demand for minerals […]