EFLA launches Liberia coronavirus fund drive

The European Federation of Liberian Associations (EFLA) has started a humanitarian drive to reach out to the disadvantaged in and around Liberia’s capital, Monrovia. “As we all know that COVID-19 has impacted the lives of many of us in Europe and the world over, our fellow compatriots in Liberia are the ones who are vastly […]

Liberia: First Lady donates 15,000 face masks

Liberia’s First Lady Clar Marie Weah has donated 15,000 pieces of face masks to the National Covid 19 Response Coordination Center, which is situated at the General Services Agency, in Monrovia. The donation, presented on Thursday, through Mrs. Weah’s Foundation, Clar Hope Foundation, seeks to boost ongoing efforts led by the Liberian government to curb […]

Keep African free trade agreement on track

Ahead of the AU ministerial meeting on the 5-6th of May that will be discussing the trade response to Covid-19 and the state of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), a number of business leaders have signed a joint letter calling for ministers and Heads of State to ensure they stick to the deadline of July […]

Swedish health minister on coronavirus response

Dear Director-General, excellencies, my name is Lena Hallengren and I am Minister for Health and Social Affairs in Sweden. Today, I am here with Johan Carlson, Director-General of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and Olivia Wigzell, Director-General of the National Board of Health and Welfare.  Thank you for the opportunity to brief you on Sweden’s […]

Make the best out of Covid-19 pandemic

By Alexander Redd During this global COVID-19 pandemic, it is an opportunity to diligently commit to what we do best, our skillful labor in our homes. Even though we may have many tasks before us, our prayerful planning to enhance quality of our skills and abilities during this season of quarantine, is best investment of […]

LSA Norrland: New leaders speak language of unity

The new chairman of the Liberian Swedish Association Norrland Branch (LSANB) says his goal is to promote unity in the organization. Ambrose Julue said his leadership will cooperate with the Stockholm headquarter of the LSA and other chapters in this regard. Julue spoke on April 19 during installation of new officials after elections conducted in […]

TV: Dehkontee Artists’ peace lectures start next month

The Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI) “Kukatonon Peace Project” debuts on local TV channels in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) and on other worldwide cyber and social media channels on Monday, May 4 from 3-4 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time. The “Kukatonon Peace Project” is a cultural, historical, and educational lecture series that focuses on the peacebuilding […]

Remittances to Africa expected to decline

Global remittances are projected to decline sharply by about 20 percent in 2020 due to the economic crisis induced by the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown. The projected fall, which would be the sharpest decline in recent history, is largely due to a fall in the wages and employment of migrant workers, who tend to be […]

Coronavirus: fund launched to support rural farmers

With the COVID-19 pandemic and economic slowdown threatening the lives and livelihoods of the world’s most vulnerable people, the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) on Monday committed US$40 million, and launched an urgent appeal for additional funds, to support farmers and rural communities to continue growing and selling food. IFAD’s new multi-donor fund, […]

Ecobank gives $3m to Africa coronavirus fight

Ecobank Group, the Pan African Bank, has contributed about US$3 million to the fight against COVID-19 across its footprint in Africa.  In line with its commitment to the continent, various contributions were made to support the efforts of governments, the World Health Organization as well as the private sector in alleviating the effect of the […]