Mental health and relationships

Going on a date and meeting someone to start a romance is always beautiful. We can be sometimes factual and direct with our desires to our new-found lover, but most often, the butterflies in the stomach restrain us from thinking coherently. The smiles, giggles, finger twisting, posture adjustments, eye contacts, mumblings, displaced sentences, rumbling stomachs, […]

Forum Syd starts land rights program in Liberia

Sweden-based civil society platform Forum Syd opened its Liberia office on Tuesday in Gbarnga, Bong County and at the same time launched the ‘Sustainable ownership: empowering communities and civil society in Liberia’ program. The event took place at Forum Syd office and it was attended by the Swedish Ambassador to Liberia Ingrid Wetterqvist, an array of […]

Writing competition on travel challenges in Africa

#VisaFreeAfrica (VFA) recently introduced the 55 Voices for a Visa Free Africa  (55Voices4Africa) writing competition, inviting all African youth to share stories about the challenges they faced with intra-continent travel. Deadline for submissions is 15 April. VFA is a global campaign to facilitate mobility in Africa driven by the Kigali Global Shapers in partnership with National Aviation […]

Friday is World Sleep Day

Friday, March 15 is the 12th annual World Sleep Day. Created and hosted by World Sleep Society, World Sleep Day is an internationally recognized awareness event bringing researchers, health professionals and patients together to recognize sleep and its important impact on our health. World Sleep Day 2019 will incorporate the slogan, ‘Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging,’ intended to emphasize the […]

Swedish gov’t proposes tougher terrorist law

In a proposal referred to the Council on Legislation for consideration, the Swedish Government proposes that it should be made a punishable offence to participate in the activities of a terrorist organisation. It also proposes making it a punishable offence to collaborate with a terrorist organisation, for example by selling weapons, vehicles or other similar […]

Sweden: Liberian association to launch branch in north

The Norrland Branch of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) will be launched on Saturday, March 30 at Istidsgatan 39 in Umeå, beginning at 19:00 and climaxing with a grand dance. This comes after several months of collaboration between Liberians residing in the north of Sweden and the leadership of the LSA, headed by David Ford. […]

Wallström speaks at seminar on feminist foreign policy

Excellencies, ambassadors, feminists, dear friends, When our embassy in Islamabad showed the photography exhibition ‘Swedish Dads’, they ignited a societal debate in Pakistan that influenced a decision which makes it possible for state-employed men to take ten days off when they become fathers. In Shanghai, Buenos Aires and Bogotá, these photographs have been shown in […]

Linköping University in South African water project

A senior lecturer in the division of biology at Sweden’s Linköping University (LiU) has been awarded 3 million kronor (about $318,000) over three years to contribute to the installation and evaluation of wetlands in South African informal townships.  Karin Tonderski, docent in ecology, received the funding from Formas to participate in the project together with […]

Liberia: Old nation but no library, proxy in shambles!

  Liberia declared independence in 1847 and is considered Africa’s oldest republic. Its national flag and constitution are replicated after those of the U.S. Founded by repatriated Black Americans, who ruled the country for more than a century, Liberia was once viewed by her neighbors and visitors as an American colony in Africa. The country […]

What happened to the African religion?

It is not surprising to observe that foreign religions have destroyed our collective reasoning.   Africa and Africans have remained the dumping ground for imported ideologies and dogmatic belief systems, writes Fokumlah Nchungong.   Isn’t it strange that the cradle of humanity and ideological developments in all aspects of our existentialism has been deprived of its religious […]