A look at Liberia’s traditional Poro and Sande College

Long, long, time ago, in the beginning which has no beginning, there was the Poro and Sande College (PSC). And so it was on that the PSC became the receptacle of knowledge and wisdom of all creation. From north to south of the Saharan, from West to East of the Sahara, the PSC is a […]

Wleh: Liberia should open embassy in Sweden

The former president of the European Federation of Liberian Associations (EFLA) has called for the opening of a Liberian embassy in Sweden. Kingston Wleh spoke on Saturday during programs marking the 172nd independence anniversary of Liberia held in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. He noted that with an embassy in Sweden, Liberians living in the country will not […]

Senegal’s energised renaissance

After decades of struggles against a deficient power generation system, Senegal is now at the verge of a paradigmatic shift that could put many of its troubles to rest, writes Sebastian Wagner. With the government’s bet in recent years in new power generation facilities, power outages have greatly diminished, system reliability has improved and with […]

Weah to Liberian diaspora: come home and invest

Liberian President George Weah is calling on Liberians in the diaspora to return home and invest in their country. He said by coming home and doing business, they will help the economy of the country to grow.   In a recent interview with veteran Kenyan journalist and Talkshow host Jeff Koinange, President Weah said that in […]

Why disaster readiness is critical for Africa

Five months ago, Cyclone Idai ripped through the Southern African region, causing a massive humanitarian disaster that affected three million people. More than a thousand perished, while 200,000 lost their homes, many of whom are still to this day living in refugee camps. Economic losses were estimated at more than $1 billion across the affected […]

Liberia at 172: What are we celebrating?

Liberia, by any standard, is a blessed nation. With abundant natural resources, talented population, good climate, you wonder why it is occupying the unenviable position it is amongst the countries of the world after the post-Independence brief spell as an internationally acclaimed African country, Seltue Karweaye writes. Liberia has more natural resources than most emerging […]

Norway continues to assist DR Congo ebola victims

“The Ebola outbreak in DR Congo is serious. We are therefore sending equipment and a team of experts to the country,” Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Soreide has said. Earlier this week, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo a global health emergency. The outbreak […]

UK praises Liberia’s press freedom law

The minister for development at the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) has praised Liberia for passing a law decriminalizing free speech and expression. In the opening address at a panel on “Press Freedom, Development and Democracy in Africa” as part of the Global Media Conference held recently in London, Harriett Baldwin reminded the delegates about the […]

OPEC fund to focus on low income countries

The highest policy-making body of the OPEC Fund for International (OFID), the Ministerial Council, held its 40th Annual Session in Vienna, Austria, and approved the general principles of OFID’s new Strategic Framework. The new strategy affirms OFID’s commitment to providing support to developing countries – especially low-income countries – in an increasingly complex and challenging […]

President Weah says Liberia is open for business

“Liberia is hospitable and open for sincere business,” the country’s president has assured investors. President George Weah added that  “We are going to work with you sincerely and honestly”. Observing the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Government of Liberia and the joint Corporation of Fortescue Metals Group and Al Maktoum Company […]