Finance Minister presents Sweden’s economic forecast

Sweden’s Minister for Finance Magdalena Andersson on Thursday presented the latest economic forecast from the Ministry of Finance and the focus of the budget during the Government’s discussions at Harpsund. “Sweden is in an entirely different position compared with four years ago. Unemployment has been pushed back, with 300 000 more people in work, we […]

Djibouti faces dark days ahead

Djibouti has been landlocked Ethiopia’s only access to the sea and depends on port taxes paid by Ethiopia for most of its income and with the Eritrean ports of Massawa and Assab on the Red Sea about to open finds itself faced with losing most of the Ethiopian trade it has enjoyed a monopoly on […]

ADV: A new Pan-African news agency is born

The African Daily Voice Group announced on Monday the launch of a new continental news agency: ADV ( Based in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, the multinational company specialized in content, and the media, has a newsroom in Casablanca (Morocco) and offers multilingual services (French, English, Arabic). “Information networks remain dominated in our countries by Western media. […]

Liberia: Why the trials of perpetrators matter to me

Sometime in early 1989, I was visiting three of my childhood friends. I was working as a reporter with the Ministry of Information as the only female in the newsroom in Monrovia, Liberia. Together we decided to form an organization that would meet once a month and work with the less fortunate in the Liberian […]

East African sea-based drug trade undermines democracy

The East African coast plays an increasingly significant role in the global heroin trade. Heroin is shipped from Afghanistan via a network of maritime routes stretching along East and Southern Africa. Known as the ‘southern route’, this trade corridor is increasingly used by drug traffickers as a route for illicit shipment to Western Europe. Sea […]

The Liberian access to justice movement

When we first began working on documenting war crimes and representing victims in their quest for justice in 2012, my team and I stayed largely undercover. Nobody in Liberia knew what we were doing. We wanted to quietly document crimes and build case files without anybody knowing about our work and potentially trying to hinder […]

Gains of UN Security Council under Swedish presidency

As President of the UN Security Council, Sweden has been responsible for the Security Council’s very broad agenda and led its intensive day-to-day work. The Security Council’s primary purpose is to maintain international peace and security, and Sweden has contributed to these efforts by focusing on results, dialogue and inclusive leadership. Sweden assumed the presidency […]

ALJA pans ‘ploy’ to impeach supreme court justice

The Association of the Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) is calling on the Liberia National Legislature, especially the House of Representatives to disengage immediately from the ploy to impeach Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh as such an action does not serve the best interest of the country at this critical time. The US-based association in […]

Sweden asks for more help to fight forest fires

The Swedish Government on Thursday decided to allow the the Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) to request international assistance from countries not included in the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism to fight the ongoing forest fires in Sweden. For a limited period, from 26 July to10 August 2018, the MSB may request international assistance for rescue operations […]

Group wants $25m stimulus spread to all districts

While applauding President George M. Weah for announcing the infusion of $25m into the Liberian economy in recognition of the dreaded economic pains majority of the population is feeling, the Emancipation Movement of Liberia (EMOL) is calling for the money to be infused through Administrative District Economic Initiatives and Sustenance Projects (ADEISP) that will include […]