10 reasons to keep your eyes on Africa this year

A trade deal in Kigali, a tarnished victory in Harare, and rocket-speed reforms in Addis made global headlines in 2018. But what’s on the plate for 2019? We list ten issues to keep track of in the year to come. 1. Ethiopia leading the way How will Ethiopia and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed continue along […]

Six principles of the Liberian constitution

Popular Rule: “We the People…” Our current constitution (1986) begins with the idea of popular rule. This important principle means that power, begins with the people. This principle is best reflected in the Preamble, Article I and Article 5a. Popular rule is the thought that the average citizen can be trusted to make important decisions […]

Sweden at UN Security Council 2017-2018

As a principled member of the United Nations Security Council, Sweden took its cue from the foundation stones of international law, human rights, gender equality and a humanitarian perspective. The Swedish working method was characterised by listening, creativity, active diplomacy and an ambition to achieve results. We are grateful for the good cooperation with partners […]

Norway gives millions to UN Peacebuilding Fund

Norway is providing NOK 75 million (about $8.6m) to the UN Peacebuilding Fund. A good deal of this funding will be channelled to the vulnerable Sahel region. ‘The Peacebuilding Fund works to prevent and resolve conflicts in countries affected by fragility in regions close to us, such as the Sahel. We are therefore making an […]

ALJA condemns ‘threats’ against Liberian media

The Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) says the recent ‘threats’ made against the Liberian media, especially the independent FrontPageAfrica (FPA) Newspaper, by some senior officials of the ruling Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC) are unfortunate developments in the political governance of the country. ALJA, led by Moses D. Sandy, cited the remarks […]

ECA, EU agree to help speed up Africa’s single market

On the margins of the Africa-Europe conference which took place in Vienna Tuesday, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and the European Union signed a €3million agreement aimed at supporting national implementation strategies for the continental free trade area. The establishment of an African trade observatory is also planned, and will be a […]

President Weah launches $3m pro-poor loan scheme

Liberian President George Manneh Weah has fulfilled yet another major promise—this time launching a US$3 million Pro-Poor Loan scheme aimed at empowering struggling Liberian businesses surmount their longtime spectators’ role in the Liberian economy. During the 2017 elections campaign and in his inaugural speech early this year, the President promised that he would enunciate policies […]

Ethiopia unveils online guide for investors

Ethiopia’s online investment guide, iGuide, which seeks to help investors discover opportunities in the country, business costs, key procedures and laws they may need to know before committing their money, was officially unveiled in the capital, Addis Ababa Wednesday. The web-based investment promotion tool was launched in the presence of Shumete Gizaw, Ethiopia’s Minister of […]

WFP reaches a record 5 million in DR Congo

With widening violence, largescale displacement, poor harvests and endemic poverty nearly doubling the number of acutely food insecure people in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) this year to 13.1 million, the World Food Programme (WFP) significantly expanded its operations, reaching a record 5 million, a twofold increase from 2017. Building on a surge in food […]

US court gives all-clear for war crimes trial of Liberian suspect

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruled Friday, December 14 that extrajudicial killing, torture, crimes against humanity and war crimes claims can proceed against Philadelphia resident Moses Thomas, a former Colonel in the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL). The ruling is based on two U.S. statutes: the Torture Victim Protection Act […]