Nigeria: One man’s war on corruption

It seems as if the campaign promises made during last year’s election were not just cheap talk. President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has during his first year in office launched serious initiatives to fight corruption. Although there have to date been few convictions, several cases involving billions and billions of embezzled state finances have been […]

Liberia: Dr. Sawyer calls for political summit

Liberia’s former interim president Dr. Amos Sawyer is strongly recommending that Liberia holds a political summit before heading to elections in 2017. “It’s a very good idea, an idea I think we should also take a look at in Liberia. The idea is about bringing together the leaders of the political spectrum, civil society leaders and the […]

Oil crash exposes Angola’s era of excess

There’s never a good time for a drought, but this is a particularly bad period for Angola as it struggles to cope with shrinking revenues as a result of the global oil price crash. In the southern province of Cunene, 800,000 people – more than 70 percent of the population – are threatened with food […]

Liberia and the Face of God: A Call for Soulful Revival

Liberia is still drenched in deep wounds of unforgiven hearts. Though the guns are silent since the end of the civil war, the reality of peace, personal security, and hope continue to elude Liberians as they foresee the challenges of rebuilding the country.  We have witnessed various levels of false accusations, coup d’ etats, assassinations, […]

Green Light International celebrates 5th year

Green Light International  will mark its 5th anniversary on January 29 in Gothenburg, Sweden.     Kelvin Banye, president of the organisation, said there will be a number of activities to mark the day: a seminar, mingle and party.   The organiser of  the annual Glios Cup, also known as African Cup Of Nations in Sweden, said that looking back,  it’s all seems […]

Eritrea: Company starts production of gold for sale

The Koka gold mining project, located within the Zara project area in Eritrea and operated by Zara Mining Share Company (ZMSC), have started commercial production of gold. ZMSC, a joint venture company established between China SFECO Group (60%) and the Eritrean National Mining Corporation ENAMCO (40%), have already sent its first gold pour to China worth […]

South African theologian to be celebrated in Sweden

The life and legacy of South African theolgian Beyers Naudé will be celebrated in Sweden when the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) hosts a public seminar in his memory on February 4 in Uppsala from 15-17 hours. Beyers Naudé (1915-2004) was an advocate of humanity and civil rights for all. On his hundredth birthday, a seminar in Uppsala […]

Kanvee Adams nominated for KORA Music Award

  Liberian gospel music star Ambassador Kanvee Gains Adams has been nominated in the Best Female Artist for Spiritual Music category for the KORA Awards to be held in the Namibian capital, Windhoek on March 20. Kanvee’s track ‘Heart Desire’ is squared up against five other popular African artists in the category: Lara George of Nigeria, South African Rebecca […]

Crown Princess Victoria to promote UN Global Goals

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria as one of sixteen Advocates to promote the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals. The Advocates’ role will be to “leverage their unique standing and leadership” to promote the messages and encourage partnerships with governments, the private sector and civil society. […]

Viber launches ‘Public Chats’ in Africa

Viber, one of the leading messaging and calling apps with more than 664 million unique users worldwide, announced today that it has opened its latest social channel ‘Public Chats’ to partners in Africa and the Middle East. Brands, organizations, celebrities, public figures and social influencers from these countries can now join Viber’s global platform to […]