Homeless World Cup in Holland

Dutch king Willem-Alexander will officially open the Homeless World Cup at the Museum Square in Amsterdam on Saturday morning 12 September. Following the opening, he will watch the opening games of the Dutch Women’s team against Argentina and the Dutch Men’s team against Northern Ireland. More than 500 players in 64 teams will represent their […]

Liberian-American Relations: A New Engagement Model of Trade and Investments

There is no country on the planet with more blood ties to the United States of America than the West African nation of Liberia. Today, my country Liberia desperately needs US assistance, but not necessarily how aid has been offered in the past.  Liberia needs more trade and investments with the US.  We can accomplish […]

Taylor-linked businessman arrested in Spain

A US/Belgian citizen has been arrested for his alleged participation in the trade of blood daimonds during Sierra Leone’s civil war. Michel Desaedeleer, American and Belgian citizen, was arrested in Spain this week, pursuant to an European arrest warrant. He is suspected of having participated, with former Liberian President Charles Taylor and the Sierra Leonean rebels […]

Al Jazeera condemns verdict against journalists

Following Saturday’s retrial verdict in Cairo, Egypt Al Jazeera Media Network’s Acting Director General Dr Mostefa Souag said: “Today’s verdict defies logic and common sense. Our colleagues Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy will now have to return to prison, and Peter Greste is sentenced in absentia.” The whole case has been heavily politicized and has not […]

Gbowee talks to African youths

The 2011 Noble Peace Prize Winner and Liberia’s peace activist Leymah Gbowee has outlined several issues that young Africans must pay keen attention to if the continent is to be developed.   Ms. Gbowee wants the youths to cultivate the spirit of voluntarism, a sense of philanthropy, good morals, love for humanity, and intellectual development […]

A Libyan desert town fends for itself

Civilians in the oasis town of Ubari in southern Libya are trapped in a conflict that has cut them off from the outside world. Supplies and aid are almost non-existent, the hospital barely functions and the wounded often die of their injuries before they can get the assistance they need. Karim al-Misry sits in one […]

Election: Burkina Faso excludes Campaore allies

Burkina Faso’s constitutional council has declared more than 40 people linked to former President Blaise Compaore’s ruling alliance ineligible for an October legislative election. The West African country, currently ruled by a transitional government, will also choose on Oct. 11 a successor for Compaore who was toppled by street protests as he sought to modify […]

Pro USA is now Yes, Inc.

Thanks to a youth-led rebranding effort, Pro USA has a new name and a new youth success coaching program. This summer Yes, Inc. (formerly Pro USA) is rolling out its new identity, along with a new youth success-coaching program. Yes, Inc.’s startup Success Plan program pairs underrepresented youth with volunteer coaches to realize each youth’s vision […]

Young Liberians hold summit in US

A summit of youthful Liberians is convening in the US to discuss important issues affecting Liberia. During the Young Liberians Summit in Sacramento, California put together by the Young E’nnovative Leaders of Liberia (YELL), topics like Liberia’s education system, poverty reduction, self-renewing behavior and encouraging innovation will be on the table. A number of young Liberian speakers are lined […]

No end to Mali conflict

More than eight weeks after a landmark peace accord between Mali’s Bamako government and a Tuareg-led rebel coalition brought hope of an end to years of unrest, little has been done to end the fighting and militancy is once again on the rise. In recent months, Mali has experienced some of the worst violence since […]