Africa: Music streaming site provides more exposure

Africa-facing music streaming and download platform, Boomplay has officially announced the roll-out of its partnership product offerings, allowing artists, brands and potential advertisers to optimize towards more precise exposure and visibility.

Notably, there’s been an upward scramble for attention, as evidenced by a fast-paced society with higher technology and internet penetration.

As the attention span gets thinner, brands opting for extra visibility can make the difference between obscurity and prominence.

With over 95 million monthly active users, Boomplay is a valuable platform poised to help artists, brands, and agencies with resources and tools to improve their reach and exposure to their target audience while they listen to their favorite tunes and podcasts.

The advertising solutions will provide long-term exposure for brands seeking continuous awareness and effective advertising placements to improve the conversion rate of their campaigns.

Having partnered with multiple international and local brands from various industries to deliver effective campaigns to its audiences, such as FMCG, Fintech, E-commerce, 3C, Bank, Games, Social Media apps, Telcos and others, Boomplay revealed that the partnership offerings would focus on target markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Sub-Saharan Africa countries including francophone countries.

Commenting on the announcement, Sherly Luo, Director of Business Development, said, “Boomplay offers a one-stop advertising solution to advertisers, including high-efficient localized impression, artist partnerships, music promotion, interactive and performance ads, offline marketing campaigns and integrated advertising solutions for brands.

“We hope to engage Boomplay users to interact with artist’s content, brand assets and campaigns and enrich our client’s brand image with music and youthfulness, delivering the brand’s campaigns or products to more audiences.”

Reckoned for its positive brand reputation and famed as the go-to app for everything music and entertainment for Africa’s teeming youth demography, Boomplay’s future ambitions though broader, will enable the actualization of exceptional branding outcomes for brand partners and advertisers.

With Boomplay advertising, brands can put their businesses before listeners for complete discovery and engagement.