A delicate balance of Liberian political ballet

Liberia’s president-elect Joseph Boakai

By Alexander Redd, Th.D

The recent presidential runoff race between the incumbent President George M. Weah and formidable contender Joseph N. Boakai has indelibly influenced the nation’s political fabric and psyche.

The presidential race was full of strategic tactics, betrayals and a touch of dishonesty, creating uncertainty around the country’s future.

However, the peaceful environment that enabled citizens to vote without tremendous obstacles is a positive sign.

An elaborate dance of deception marked the election.

Each contender used clever tactics to win over the voters, including half-truths and lofty promises. This clouded some voters’ ability to distinguish the genuine from the fake, discern the candidates’ true beliefs, and, in turn, undermined their trust in the electoral process.

Moreover, the candidates played the emotional card, stirring up divisions among voters. They used divisive language to win votes and distract from critical issues facing Liberia. Such manipulation does a disservice to democratic norms and weakens the bonds of national unity.

The alliances forged during the campaign period also played a significant role in shaping the political atmosphere. However, these alliances were often fleeting and unstable, raising questions about the future solidity of government.

When the pursuit of power overshadows collective goals, the common good may be forgotten after elections, impeding progress and national development.

The heavy air of deceit, manipulation, and unstable alliances has clouded Liberia’s future. The deep-seated mistrust, societal divisions, and unpredictable alliances make it hard to forecast the road ahead.

The threats of political instability and a failure to address national issues loom large.

However, all parties must find common ground and work towards resolving these challenges. Remember to celebrate the largely peaceful climate during the election despite some hurdles.

Given Liberia’s past struggles with conflict, the peaceful conduct of this election signals a significant stride forward.

The freedom to vote without fear or intimidation is one of the pillars of a thriving society. It’s heartening to know that in the midst of the chaos, most of our citizens could exercise their democratic rights peacefully.

The 2023 Liberian presidential runoff election has left an indelible mark on the nation’s political tapestry. The blend of deception, manipulation, and fragile alliances has created a challenging landscape, requiring a united effort to ensure a stable and prosperous future.

Despite the obstacles, the peaceful conduct of the election shines as a glimmer of hope.

All parties involved must learn from this election and work tirelessly to bolster Liberia’s democracy and nurture unity.