Examine the leadership of the Supreme Court nominee

Liberian Supreme Court nominee Cllr. Musa Dean

By Alexander Redd, Th.D

As a nominee for the Liberian Supreme Court, Cllr. Musa Dean has caused quite a stir and sparked concerns among diverse groups in Liberian society.

People are questioning the reasons behind his nomination and are calling for a thorough scrutiny of his performance as the head of the Justice Ministry. President Weah’s decision to choose Cllr. Dean has faced criticism, leaving many wondering about the logic behind this choice.

We advance justice when we remove barriers people face because of their station in life.

In the past, the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) has been particularly vocal in its opposition to the Dean’s leadership at the Justice Ministry and its dissatisfaction with the leadership of the Police Inspector General.

They believe that Cllr. Dean and the Police Inspector General have failed to demonstrate effective leadership in creating an enabling security environment for all Liberians.

One of their main concerns revolves around a series of unsolved politically motivated murders while Dean was in charge of the Justice Ministry. These cases include the killings of auditors, ritualistic murders, and the deaths of prominent individuals like the sons of Tubman and Tolbert and many others.

One specific case that has attracted criticism is the handling of the Charloe Musu case, which ended with a controversial and questionable guilty verdict.

Many doubt Cllr. Dean’s ability to uphold a fair and just system for all, given the unresolved nature of these cases, the perpetual high crime rate, and the lack of clarity surrounding the circumstances of these deaths.

Although critics acknowledge President George M. Weah’s connection with Cllr. Dean, a caveat that prompts this latest nomination, critics emphasize the nominee’s need to provide compelling reasons for his suitability to serve on Liberia’s highest court – the Supreme Court- during his upcoming hearing at the National Legislature.

The unsolved murders and the absence of answers regarding these cases have raised serious doubts about Cllr. Dean’s leadership during his time at the Justice Ministry.

The demand for scrutiny and accountability in the nomination process reflects a desire for transparency and a commitment to upholding justice and integrity within Liberian institutions.

It is important for the Liberian National Legislature to thoroughly examine Dean’s track record and qualifications, ensuring that he meets the high standards expected of a Supreme Court justice.

The nomination of Musa Dean for the Liberian Supreme Court has generated significant controversy and calls for a comprehensive evaluation of his leadership at the Justice Ministry.

The unsolved politically motivated murders and the lack of clarity surrounding these cases have raised serious concerns about Dean’s suitability for the position.

The National Legislature must thoroughly examine Dean’s record to ensure the integrity and credibility of the Supreme Court and to uphold justice and accountability for the Liberian people.

Alexander Redd is a former Liberian journalist. He was kidnapped and tortured by the Charles Taylor regime for the investigation of Samuel Dokie and family murder in Bong County in late December 1997. Following death threats, he fled Liberia to seek refuge in the US, where he is currently a theologian and pastor at Gracious Hope Bible Fellowship. He is the author of four books: Liberia’s Search for Freedom, Cultivating Liberia’s National Pride, Daily Living in God’s Peace, and Stepping into Your True Self. A copy is available on Amazon.com and BN.com (Barnes & Noble).